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Frequently Asked Questions 
Thank you for visiting our FAQs page! The information below should answer the majority of the questions you may have regarding age, weight limit, and group size limitations. 
Our prices are also listed, followed by a series of instructions and required information for booking...




 Due to the increasing number of NO CALL, NO SHOWS and LAST MINUTE CANCELLATIONS, any rides booked after JULY 1st, 2023 will require a card on file to confirm reservations.

Riders MUST give a minimum 48 hour notice for cancellations/rescheduling to avoid cancellation charges.


Rides cancelled between 48-24 hour window will be charged 25% of total cost.


No call / no shows and same day (within 24 hours) cancellations will be charged 50% of the total cost for their entire group. There are no exceptions.

GROUP RATES and Ride Descriptions
(prices do NOT include 8.6% state sales tax for all credit / debit card and electronic transactions)

Red Hawk Stables reserves the right to attach additional riders to group rides if there are unused horses available. Keep reading below for guaranteed privacy options we have available.


1 hour : $85 per person ~ More of an out and back, flat surface on gravel logging road. Ideal for younger children or nervous riders.

1 hour and 30 minutes : $115 per person ~ **This is our most popular trail ride! Just enough time to really get you out there, but not so much that you're sore and cramping when you're done.**

-Trail ride through the woods. Some decent hills amongst young alders, down alongside a cattail marsh, and through a maple tree forest. Okay for confident beginners or experienced riders on a budget.

2 hours: $140 per person ~ Same description as above, but an added hill climb and descent. It also pops out to a lookout above a clear cut and surveys the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Vancouver Island, Canada. The descent is fairly steep with uneven footing so experience is recommended.

2 hours and 30 minutes: $160 per person ~ Same trail ride as the 2 hour trail ride, with an added length of time through an evergreen section of forest. Experience is recommended.

3 hours: $175 per person ~ Same trail ride as the 2 hour trail ride, but includes an additional hilltop look out featuring a sweeping panoramic view of the Olympic Mountains. This is a challenging course. The trail is narrow, winding through a dense forest (watch your knees!). You must know how to work as a team with your horse, have good control to maneuvering capabilities. The descent down from the hill is extremely steep. EXPERIENCED RIDERS ONLY.

**We do offer a 10% discount for active duty military personnel and veterans with proof of service. **


**Special Rates**

Single Rider: $100 per hour


Guaranteed Privacy: $100 per hour per person

Tours are automatically scheduled at our Group Rate pricing, which allows the potential for unrelated parties to participate in the same ride.


OR, for guaranteed privacy with only your party and the guide, you may consider our special rates above.

Single Riders are on a case by case basis; group rides have priority. If we can, we will attach single riders to a group already going out at our Base Rate price, otherwise single riders will be charged at a rate of $100 per hour. 

Cash is preferred but we can take credit / debit card.

Any ride should be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance by appointment only; we cannot guarantee same-day availability, although we will try to fit you in if we can.

Rides are billed by the hour, per rider, with a 1 hour minimum. Please call, text, or send us an email to book your tour. We will need you to provide the approximate height, weight, age AND experience level of each rider in your party, along with a good contact number at the time of scheduling. *Click HERE to go to our Contact Page*

What do we mean by experience?

Some guests have a tendency to over estimate or embellish their level of experience. Please do not do this. We ask for safety reasons.

Beginner- Never ridden, only ridden a few times

Novice- Less that 24 hours total of experience, or rode as a child but hasn't ridden consistently into adulthood.

Intermediate- At least 1 year of consecutive riding in recent history- more than 52 hours of experience

Expert- Currently owns, trains, competes with, or rides horses, or has done so in the recent past.

On private rides, we will trot with Beginners and Novices upon request. Canter is available for Intermediate Level riders. Gallop is reserved for EXPERT RIDERS ONLY. We always ride to the level of the LEAST experienced person.

Minimum age requirement is twelve years old. We will make exceptions for riding students with a minimum age of 8 and with a minimum of 24 total lessons taken in the last 12 months. We will require a letter of proficiency from the student's riding instructor.



We can accommodate up to 4 guests max with minimal riding experience- some horse experience is always recommended. (Availability may change depending on the well-being of the horses).

If your group is larger than 4, we would be happy to go out multiple times if you wanted to split your group up so everyone can experience the trails. 


We can take up to 5, but only if at least one person in your group is at an Intermediate level of riding experience. Our 5th horse is very forward.


All riders MUST follow any and all instructions given by the guide. All riders must be able to control their own horse. Any disregard for equine or client safety will terminate your ride immediately, with no refunds.


We do not allow doubles or for parents to carry their small children. 


Our maximum weight limit at this time is 250lbs. All riders must be able to mount unassisted using mounting block. We will hold your horse steady for you.


We do not offer overnight rides at this time.


Please let us know if you are allergic to or have a fear of dogs before hand, as our farm dogs often accommodate us on the trail rides and are typically unleashed.




Long Pants

Closed Toed Shoes

Weather-appropriate shirt and outerwear.



Gloves (winter, rain or chilly conditions)

Extra pair of pants or waterproof clothing if it has rained recently


Bug Spray

Sports Bra (women)

Compression Shorts (men)


Please try to use the restroom before you arrive, we do however have one on site for "emergencies". It is also recommended you arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled trail ride.

You may also bring treats such as carrots, celery, or apples to feed to your horse after your ride.



Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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