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Boarding & Prices

At Red Hawk Stables we take the welfare of all animals in our care very seriously. We always strive to provide the utmost comfort and satisfaction of both horse and human alike. We are proud to offer exclusive amenities to our boarding customers as follows:  · Gated Access · Fully Lighted, Covered Riding Arena with automatic water for dust control · Heated Tack Room (includes bathroom and refrigerator) · Daylight visiting hours · Automatic water troughs · Wash Rack with warm water · Free Trailer Parking with easy turn-around · Complete Public Lands Access with thousands of acres of trails directly from the Boarding Facility!

Full Care - $500 per month


Can't make it by to ride or care every day? No problem! At Red Hawk Stables, you can trust that your horse is in good hands. For just $500 a month, we will provide your equine with all his or her basic necessities (including lots of love, of course!). Our price includes:

  • 12x12 box stall

  • Local grass hay

  • Twice a day feed 

  • Salt Block (with selenium)

  • Local spruce shavings for bedding

  • Stall cleaning

  • Daily Grooming

  • Turn out with blanketing (as requested)


(If you need us to apply or administer ointments or medicines in your absence, we may be able to accommodate you. Our ability to do so will be determined on a case-by-case basis, and all medicinal products must be provided by the owner. Same applies for hard keeper or senior horses needing additional feed. We can also prorate the cost of hay if your purchase your own)

Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!

Overnight and Weekly Rates
Just passin' through? Here for the rodeo? Maybe you're out of town for a while. Well, our overnight and weekly rates might be just the thing for you.
OVERNIGHT · Full Care $30
WEEKLY · Full Care $150

Routine Exercise Rates
Keep your horse in stellar condition with schooling and workouts
Basic Ground Work - $30 per hour
Riding - $40 per hour
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