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Meet the Horses

Red Hawk Stables prides itself in providing a home for rescued or rehabilitated horses. While not all of our horses have come to us this way, the vast majority have. Each new horse we take in goes through an extensive training and evaluation period before being incorporated into our trail riding program. We hope that by doing this we can give overlooked horses a second chance at a happy, productive lifestyle!

Rainy - Arab Pony

Meet Rainy. 

Rainy is a 20-ish year old grey Arab pony. She stands just 13.2 hands high, and is totally bullet proof and trustworthy. A great beginner horse, she came to us from a family who used her as a beginner pony for their eight year old son. She does have a bit of a stubborn streak, but it's part of her charm. AWESOME trail pony, despite her size. She does anything you ask, water, mud, hills, trenches, you name it. 

Kona - Straight Egyptian
This is Kona, he is about 7 years old and is a Straight Egyptian Arabian gelding. He is about 16.2 hands, and is an absolute sweetheart and is a favorite of the owner's due to his athletic ability. He was started under a saddle in the Fall of 2015, and has since proven to be a great trail horse and has a good head on him.
Kona was donated to the program as a young gelding whose owner couldn't ride anymore and wanted to make sure this young horse went to a working home.
He is a very self-assured horse and will go anywhere you tell him, even to forge new trails through thick brush. He is our "gentle giant" and really cares for and responds well to riders of all experience levels.
Kona and Mare
Mustang (aka Zion) - Mustang

This is Mustang. Mustang was also gifted to us by Rocky Cove Youth Ranch, and both him and Red came to us together.

This horse was rounded up from a wild herd by the Bureau of Land Management out of Oregon, and was rescued out of a kill pen.

Mustang went to a six week mustang training course, and since we acquired him 4 years ago, he has become one of the sweetest, most gentle ponies we've ever come to know and love. He LOVES to give kisses and scratches on the neck. He stands about 13.2 hands and is a great trail horse.

Red (Bonita Red River) - Quarab

Say hello to Red, a 16 year old Quarter Horse / Arab Cross. Red came to us from Rocky Cove Youth Ranch. It is my understanding that they had originally rescued her from a horse farm where she was used as a brood and surrogate mare. 

Rocky Cove gifted her to us and she has become a wonderful asset to our trail riding and leasing program. She is a very sweet horse and is easy to catch, she even comes when you call her. She is a fun ride and pretty fast when you ask her to be! She's about 14.2 hands.

Lucy- Grade Paint

This is our Grade Paint mare, Lucy. A grade paint means she is a paint or pinto without bloodline history. She came to us from an older woman who needed more of a slow old nag type of trail horse.

Lucy is a great big powerhouse of a horse. She stands about 15.2 hands high. She is very sturdy and muscular with good, hard feet. She is happy just to plod along, but also has plenty of go if you ask it of her. 

She can be a bit "hard mouthed" but responds well to neck reining and leg cues. She DOES like to hug the side of the trail, so it takes a little effort to keep her in the middle of the path.

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